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Packing thoughts from a packrat

I think, despite being a bit of a packrat, there is a joy in efficient packing. A few recommendations that I've seen elsewhere and a few that I haven't: Find a bag that helps you organize. I lean towards tactical bags, if only because they are modular, have a ton of pockets, and are built for organization. Not all bags are the same. I have one for overnight personal trips. One for multi night work trips. One  for week long trips. If you have a suitcase you love, or are looking for something, I've been in love with my duffel from .

Other huge tip...if you're flying, bring a hoodie or a lightweight jacket on the plane. Not only useful if you're chilly, but helps immensely going through the TSA line. While you're waiting, toss everything in it's pockets, then toss that in the bin. Alternatively, if you KNOW you'll never need the hoodie...a baseball hat can serve the same purpose. Then you just need to grab that and go instead of fishing all of your change and keys out of the bin.

Anyway....that's my early morning musings as I head to the airport.

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